Symphony by Nature

Like fine wines fine cannabis is a function of appellation as much as it is a function of the farmer's skills and cultivars. 

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100% Biological Cultivation and Pest Management

MountainCraft Cannabis is grown with composted whole food inputs including salt water fish, kelp, worm castings, ancient bird guanos and glacial humus instead of industrial source salts. It is strengthened and protected with supplemented broad spectrum beneficial microbes, predator insects and funguses instead of chemicals. What is better for the farm is better for the environment is better for the Cannabis. Nose and lab tests prove it!

More Life = More Terpenes

The terrain surrounding the MountainCraft farm is rich and diverse ranging from canyons of coastal redwoods with year round artesian springs to wind swept sun baked mountain ridges. It conveys a nose and taste to the flowers grown there that can only be fully appreciated by experience. The level of microbial colonization in the soil feeding the plant's root structure, on the plant itself and on other plants and soils in the surrounding appellation dictate much of the plant's growth and flavor potential that will be achieved. The Santa Cruz Mountains are an extraordinary appellation for the cultivation of broad spectrum cannabinoid and terpene rich cannabis flowers because the mediterranean climate and varied topography supports a broad range of native and supplemented microbial life. The appellation and terroir is extraordinary and so is the cannabis.

Warm Mountain Sun Grown

High in the Santa Cruz Mountains the air and water is pristine and the climate warm and dry because it sits well above the marine layer most of the year. The sun is so plentiful we use special light diffusing shade cloth during flowering. Evening temperatures are mountain cool, yet warmer than other well known appellations which maximizes potency. Grown far from any commercial agriculture and surrounded by thousands of acres of open space preserve MountainCraft Cannabis always tests clean, potent and flavorful with terpene panels consistently reflecting a rare sophistication and extraordinary levels by volume. 

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